Weisang FlexPro 7.0.24

Weisang FlexPro 7.0.24 | 57,6 MB
Not when you've seen the quality of FlexPro's output! There are many graphical analysis programs around. But only new FlexPro 7 can take data from just about any source, and place it within a structured, object-oriented project database so you can analyze trends and results without ever losing sight of any aspect of the data. That's why FlexPro is the data analysis and presentation software of choice for engineers, scientists, and anyone else who works with technical data sets.
FlexPro's easy to use, modern user interface, and one of the largest function libraries available, are first class. The vast number of import and export filters make FlexPro a core application for the analysis of measurement data. For tricky applications, the full accessibility of FlexPro's objects through Visual Basic for Applications is a real innovation! Programming is as simple as with Excel and Word and at the same time very fast, even when dealing with large data volumes. And FlexPro manages your analysis results as dynamic objects which you can use just like data sets.

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