Aston 2 MENU 1.2.1

Aston2 menu - beautiful replacement to your menu "the start-up", different a considerable quantity of skins. For installation of this program any other products Aston be not required to you.
Functional features and possibilities Aston2 Menu:
- Support скинов and that. Customisations Aston2 are divided into 2 parts
- темовые and personal. Personal customisations cannot be changed by means of usual operations with themes (creation/application). Application by that, in turn, is mirrored only in customisations by that. Thus, any theme comprises customisations by that and skins. виджетов Aston2 it is possible to apply To all various skins;
- Support виджетов (the Given version contains the following виджеты: Hours, the Calendar, the Trash can, Disks, Power control, Search, the List of popular programs, the User name, Weather and Deinstalljator). Виджеты it is possible to add on a desktop, panels or pop-up menus;
- Fast and convenient search of files on local drives and the information on the Internet;
- Floppy customisation. Each menu item can be customised how it would be desirable, having made that the working environment it is even more convenient. The same it is possible to tell and about panels on desktop Aston2;
- Support of animation in all units Aston2: smooth opening and moving виджетов, animated wall-paper, animated icons and other units wigets with support skins;
- Aston2 Menu it is possible to use as under Aston 1 shell shell (since version 1.9.5), and under Explorer shell. There is no need to refuse a habitual environment to estimate possibilities of the new menu;
- Support of operations Drag'n'Drop, the simple and convenient interface;
- Support unicode;
- Standard XML used for customisation of all parametres;
- Support of various languages;
- Support of plug-ins.
- support of 64-bit systems.

Attention: Aston2 works only under Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download :

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